Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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Veena and Shalu are good friends. Both are excited to take part in a sports rally which is going to be held at school in the next month. Veena is a good badminton player whereas Shalu is good at racing. Shalu is a bit upset because she has a leg injury which is the cause of worry for her performance in the upcoming event.
Veena: Why are you upset?
Shalu: Veena, I want to participate in the sports rally. But due to injury in my leg I am not confident whether I will be able to take part in it or not.
Veena: dear friend, don’t be upset. Have you not heard the name of Arunima Singh, the famous mountaineer?
Shalu: No, I haven’t. Who is she?
Veena: She is a national level volleyball player. She was pushes out from a running train by some robbers. She was badly injured, so one of her leg was amputated.
Shalu: Oh! It’s sad.
Veena: In spite of this, she climbed the world’s highest peaks and made us proud.
Shalu: Wonderful! This should be the spirit.
Veena: Not only she, but Bharat Kumar (a Para Swimmer), Sudha Chandran (Bharatnatyam Dancer) also became famous in their fields in spite of their disabilities.
Shalu: They are really very courageous and confident people.
Veena: Yes, you should take inspiration from them. You are good at sports. All you need is to boost up your confidence.
Shalu: You are right. Now, I will participate and do my best.
Veena: That’s like my good friend. We all have some special qualities. We should have faith in ourselves.
Shalu: Definitely! I will work hard to give my best.
Veena: So dear, “Always say I can; never say I can’t.”
Shalu: I can do it.
Veena: That’s the spirit.

“Where there is a will, there is away.”


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