Course: Class III | Subject: English

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This is Shantipur Village. Rahim is a farmer. He lives in this village. He goes to his field in the morning. He takes his plough. Those are his bullocks. Shantipur has a big well.

Raju and Neha are in the farm with father.
Raju: What is that?
Father: That is a red hen and that is a brown cock. The hen gives us eggs.
Neha: Father, look, I see a sheep.
Father: Yes, Neha, The sheep gives wool. See the cows and goats.
Raju: Father, the cow gives milk. We love to drink milk.
Father: Yes, Raju.
Neha: Father, look a black horse and a white ox.
Raju and Neha: Father, it is fun to see animals.


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