Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Once upon a time, there was a king who lived in a palace on the banks of river. He was unhappy because the people of his kingdom were irresponsible.

Every time he went out in his chariot, he used to see stones and rubbish lying on the roads. Every time he sailed in his boat, he found the river very dirty.

“Alas! Why are my people so irresponsible?” he moaned.
“Why do they not keep the roads clean?”, he thought for a while and said, “I must teach them a lesson.” One night, he took a bag of gold coins with him and went to the main road. His vizier was also with him, He saw a pit in the middle of the road. He put the gold coins in it. Then the king and vizier covered the pit with a big stone.

Next day, a man came along the road in his cart which was full of coal. He saw the big stone in the middle of the road but he was not worried about it. He drove his cart round the stone.

Then another man came along with a flock of sheep and goats. The man did not pay attention to it drove his flock round the other side of the stone.

Many other people also passed along the same road. But all of them were so irresponsible that they did not bother to remove the stone. Finally, the king called all the people of his kingdom and said, “ Come, let’s removed the stone from the road.” People were stunned to see the gold coins in the pit when they rolled the stone away.

“Look, there were gold coins under the stone nut no one bothered to remove the stone. So no one deserves these gold coins. Had you been responsible and removed the stone, the gold coins would have been yours.” Kink said you his people.

The king ordered his vizier, “Take the gold coins to my palace.” After hearing this people felt ashamed and sorry too and promised to be responsible citizen.


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