Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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Karishma is cute little village girl. She lives with her grandparents in a small village named Dholakpur. She loves her granny very much. Once, her loving granny takes her to the nearby city, Ghazipur, to watch a magic show.

(They entered the hall.)
Karishma: Wow, how colorful the hall is!
Granny: Yes, the hall is very big and decorated with bright colors.
Karishma: I’m excited to see the magic.
Granny: Me too.
Karishma: Oh my God! They have switched off the lights. I cannot see. It’s dark all around.
Granny: Be quiet and look at the stage. There’s a dim light.
(The show is begins with Ganesh Vandana)
Karishma: Granny look, how beautifully they are dressed up!
Granny: Yes dear.
Karishma: Who is that fat man in the middle?
Granny: (pointing at the man) That man who is wearing a blue dress and has a magic stick in his hand.
Karishma: Yes granny.
Granny: He is a magician. He does magic tricks.
(The magician shows an empty magic box to the audience and spells something. Red, pink, green, yellow, orange colored satin ribbons, and petals of different flowers start coming out of it.)
Karishma: How wonderful it is!
Granny: Yes, it is.
(The magician called Karishma to the stage and takes a ten rupee coin from her. He closes his hand and chants something. The coin disappears.)
Karishma: Where is my coin?
Magician: (laughing) Which coin?
Karishma: The one which I gave you.
Magician: No, you have not given me any coin. Check it in your pocket.
(To her surprise, she finds the coin in her pocket. Everybody claps. One after the other, the magician showed the many tricks. The people were spellbound.)
Karishma: Granny, how nicely he does it!
Granny: Yes, that is why he is a magician.


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