Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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The Ganga is our national River. It is one of the world heritages. The Ganga is the lifeline of India and one of the most important rivers of our country. It is considered sacred and worshipped as Goddess Ganga. The Ganga begins its journey from Gomukh. Gomukh is a cave made of ice in the Himalayas. The ice melts, and the water flows out as a tiny stream. As the Ganga flows down the mountains more and more little streams join her. Thus, the Ganga becomes bigger and bigger. It flows down the mountains very fast. It becomes wider and wider as it reaches the plains.

It reaches the plains at Haridwar. In the plains it flows through many villages and towns of India. On both the sides of Rever Ganga, there are green fields.

Many other rivers join the Ganga in the plains. The Yamuna and the Invisible Swaraswati meet the Ganga at Prayagraj (Allahabad). This meeting place of the three rivers is called Triveni Sangam. It is holy place called Teerth Raj Prayag. Kumbh Mela at Prayag has gained international fame as the world’s largest religious gathering of people. Many Hindus believe that taking a holy dip in the Ganga can purify a person’s soul of all past sins.

After passing through many big cities, the Ganga flows towards the sea. As it reaches closer to the sea, its speed becomes slower and slower and finally it merges into the sea. The Ganga’s long journey from high up in the mountains ends at the Bay of Bengal. This place where the Ganga joins the sea is called the Ganga Sagar.


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