Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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(A girl was talking to a heap of garbage)
Girl: Who are you? You smell so bad. I may fall sick.
Mr. Garbage: I am Mr. Garbage. I am found everywhere.
Girl: You look so ugly. What are you made of?
Mr. Garbage: I am made of vegetable peels, utensils, papers and anything useless that you throw away.
Girl: Where do you live Mr. Garbage?
Mr. Garbage: Dustbin is my home. You can also put me in a pit and cover it.
Girl: Then, why are you here?
Mr. Garbage: I am here because people throw me anywhere they like. If they put me in a pit and cover it, I may become useful for them.
Girl: How is that possible?
Mr. Garbage: There I mix with soil and turn into manure to grow rich crop for you.
Girl: That’s good. But who is that?
Mr. Garbage: She is Mrs. Polythene.
Girl: Mrs. Polythene, She looks so pretty.
Mr. Garbage: Dear child, no doubt she is very pretty and useful. But do you know animals die if they swallow it. She is the most dangerous enemy of man.
Girl: In what way?
Mr. Garbage: Because she made of plastic. As I told you I can mix with soil, but plastic never mixes with soil. It remains in the soil for a long time.
Girl: For how long?
Mr. Garbage: Almost forever!
Girl: But Mr. Garbage, plastic is everywhere. We use so many things made of plastic like toys, containers, computers, clothes, bags etc.
Mr. Garbage: You are right. People use it because plastic can be molded into any shape, and it does not break easily. But remember, it is not good for the environment.
Girl: Okay, I will remember this and also ask my family and neighbors to stop using plastic.
Mr. Garbage: Good. Then our earth will be a clean and a healthy place to live in.


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