Course: Class V | Subject: English

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Where is cup?
The cup is in the cupboard.

Where is the basket?
The Basket is on the table.

Where is the rat?
The rat is under the table.

Where is the monkey?
The monkey is climbing up the tree.

Where is the tree?
The tree is in front of the house.

Where is Arun?
Arun is behind the tree.
Where is Razia?
Raziya is between Arun and John.

Where is the airplane?
The airplane is flying over the city.

Where are the boys?
The boys are in the playground.

Where are the balls?
The balls are in the box.

Where are the books?
The books are on the table.

Where are the women?
The women are on the river bank.

Where are the men?
The men are at the platform.


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