Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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Sixth grade is a special place,
See the big smile on my face.

Our class is a great team,
We make our teachers beam,
We work hard each busy day,
Then out to the yard to play.

Multiplication is fun,
Nine times nine is eighty one,
Learn the math facts one through ten,
Practice again and again.

Play a game, sing a song,
Lots of fun all year long,
Books to read, poems to say,
Learning new things every day.

Reading, writing, spelling too,
So much to learn, much to do,
History, geography, science too,
We even learn about the ocean blue.

Working hard till the year ends,
We are classmates and good friends,
We’re proud of the progress we’ve made,
We’re getting ready for the seventh grade.

Sixth grade is a special place,
See the big smile on my face.


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