Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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A kabaddi match is held in Jagatpur village every Saturday. A crowd has gathered outside Manik Kaka’s house. He is the Gram Pradhan of the village.
Meena who lives in the city has come to Jagatpur to meet her cousin, Ravi. Ravi takes her to the place where the match is going to be played.

Meena: What’s going on here?
Ravi: A kabaddi match is going to be played here between the team of our village and the team of the neighboring village Jasra.
Meena: Wow! It would be interesting.
Ravi: Oh yes!
Meena: Have you ever played kabaddi?
Ravi: Yes, this is my favorite game.
Meena: Tell me more about this game. How many players play kabaddi?
Ravi: Kabaddi is a game of two teams having seven players each.
Meena: Okay.
Ravi: One team becomes the raider and the other team the defender. They compete with each other and maintain the team spirit.
Meena: Look! The teams have arrived.
Ravi: Each team is on its own half of the court. The game is about to begin.
Meena: Which one is Jagatpur’s team?
Ravi: Our team is on the right half of the court.
(The game starts. A palyer from Jagatpur team goes to the opposite team.)
Meena: What is he chanting?
Ravi: He is the raider. Holding his breath he is chanting “Kabaddi”, “Kabaddi”, “Kabaddi”….
Meena: What is he doing?
Ravi: He trying to touch the players of opposite team. If he touches any player of the opposite team and returns to his court, without being caught by the defenders he will get a point.
Meena: What will happen if he fails to touch the defenders?
Ravi: He will get no point. If the defending team catches him, he will be out.
Meena: When will this game be over?
Ravi: It will play for 40 minutes with a break of five minutes between two halves.
(The match went on smoothly. The Jagatpur team won the match.)
Meena: Thanks for bringing me here. It was a wonderful experience; I’ll surely share it with my friends.


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