Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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A long time ago, in England, there lived a woman called Florence Nightingale. She becomes very famous as a nurse. She did a lot to help sick people so that they get better.

Florence was born in a good family. She got her name from the city “Florence” in Italy, where she was born on May 12, 1820. Florence grew up in England. She was taught at home by her father. She learnt English, Italian, Latin, German, French languages and studied History and Philosophy.

Florence wanted to help other people. She wanted to become a nurse. But her parents and her sister did not want her to become a nurse. Her parents hoped to settle her comfortably by getting her married to a rich man.

In those days ladies from good families did not become nurses. They got little respect from the society.

The hospitals in those days were no better. Little attention was paid to cleanliness. The sheets on the beds were never changed, and nobody used to take care of the patients hygiene.

Florence did not mind all these. She secretly planned to become a nurse. She got her first chance when her grandmother fell ill.

Florence stayed at her side and looked after her. Gradually she began to help the poor people of a village nearby.

Florence soon found that she could not do her work properly as she was not trained. So she began to read books about medicine. A few years later she got an opportunity to go to Germany and learn about nursing in a hospital.

When she returned to England, she becomes the superintendent of the organization, “Care of the Sick” in London. She began to train nurses and become quite famous.

In 1854, the Crimean War broke out. The Government sent Florence Nightingale to a place called Sentari in Turkey. She was made the incharge of the team of forty nurses. The hospital at Sentari was full of soldiers injured in the war.

Florence work very hard to improve the condition of the hospital. She cleaned up the hospital and built a new kitchen, which served better food. With her own money, she bought new sheets and clothes for the patients. She spent many hours talking to them. She tried her best to make them comfortable and happy. To serve the patients at night, she used to carry a lamp in her hand. This is how she got the name, “The Lady with the Lamp”.

Florence worked so hard that she becomes very ill. But she refused to return to England. In 1860 she started the Nightingale School for Nurses. Because of her efforts, nurses gained respect all over the country. Florence Nightingale died on August 13, 1910 in London. She was the one who brought significant changes in the field of nursing.


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