Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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(Tomorrow, it is the Independence day of our country. Ritesh is making a National Flag. His younger sister Shubhi enters the room.)

Shubhi: Brother, what are you busy doing?
Ritesh: Tomorrow, it is 15th August, our Independence day, and I am making a National Flag.
Shubhi: Should I help you in making it?
Ritesh: Oh, yes why not! Please come. We will make it together. Do you know Shubhi, what do the three colors in the flag stand for?
Shibhi: I don’t know brother. Can you tell me?
Ritesh: Saffron stands for sacrifice, white for peace and green for prosperity.
Shubhi: There is a blue wheel in the white stripe. What does it stands for?
Ritesh: It is the Ashoka Chakra in the center of the white stripe having 24 spokes. This represents the 24 precious hours of the day.
Shubhi: What will you do with the flag tomorrow?
Ritesh: We are going to have a parade in the school. The National flag will be hoisted and we will sing the National anthem.
Shubhi: What else will be done on this day?
Ritesh: On this day we salute the heroic deeds of our freedom fighters. Gandhi ji, Sardar Patel, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Shingh and many others fought for many years to make India a free country.
Shubhi: Ritesh, are you taking part in any of the programs?
Ritesh: Yes, I will deliver a speech.
Shubhi: What are you going to say in your speech?
Ritesh: I have written not only about the importance of Independence day but also about our duties towards our nation.
Shubhi: What are our duties towards the nation?
Ritesh: To do good for the society.
Shubhi: How can we do that?
Ritesh: By helping others, maintaining cleanliness, planting trees, respecting elders and so on.
Shubhi: It means every one must do one’s bit to improve one’s surroundings.
Ritesh: Yes Shubhi, if we all do a little, it will help our country.
Shubhi: Brother, tomorrow I will give my old toys and clothes to the poor children.
Ritesh: Very good Shubhi, this is also one of the ways to serve our country.


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