Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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The bicycle is very popular in India. Old and younger, the milkman, the newspaper boy, the postman and the hawker use it for going from one place to another. A lot of educated younger men use bicycle for environmental concerns.

The first bicycle built in 1816 by a German. It was made of wood. The rider sat on the saddle and rode it by pushing his feet against the ground. In England the machine was called the “Hobby Horse”. A Scotsman named Macmillan improved the Hobby Horse. He provided pedals which by long rods.

In 1861 a Frenchman built a better machine. It was called the “boneshaker” because its wooden wheels gave a rough ride. Soon rubber wheels were fitted and the machine was then called the bicycle. The modern bicycle was built in 1879 by Harry Lawson, an American. It was driven by a chain connected to the rear wheel.

The bicycle has been a companion of the common man since ages. It does not require fuel. It is easy to park. It keeps the body of a rider fit. The use of bicycle is also eco friendly, as it keeps the environment noise free and pollution free.


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