Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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Once there was a woodcutter, who lived in a village. He was a very honest man. One day he was cutting wood with his axe. It was a very hot day. He felt thirsty and went to the river to drink water. His axe slipped accidentally from his hand and fell into the river. The woodcutter started crying.
(The River Goddess heard his cry and felt pity on him. She came out of the water.)
Goddess: Why are you crying?
Woodcutter: My axe has fallen into the river. What will I do now? How will I earn from my family?
(The Goddess went into the water and came out with a golden axe.)
Goddess: It this your axe gentleman?
Woodcutter: No, no! This is a golden axe but my axe was made of iron.
(The River Goddess went into the water again and came out with a silver axe.)
Goddess: Is this your axe dear?
Woodcutter: No, no! This is a silver axe but my axe was made of iron.
(The River Goddess went into the water again and came out with an iron axe.)
Goddess: Is this yours?
Woodcutter: Yes, yes! This is mine.
Goddess: You are very honest man. I am pleased with you. I will reward you for your honesty.
(The River Goddess gave all the three axes to the woodcutter.)
Woodcutter: Thank you Goddess! You have saved me and my family.


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