Course: Class VI | Subject: English

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A washer man had a donkey and a dog. Every morning he used to go to the river to wash clothes. The donkey carried the load of clothes. He lived in a shed outside the master’s house and the dog used to stay inside the house the whole day long. In the evening the dog used to feel happy to see his master. He used to lick his master and hump on him. The master used to lift the dog in his arms and take him inside the house. Seeing this, the donkey also wanted to live in the house. “May be, if I also jump on him like the dog, he will surely lift me too in his arms and carry me inside the house.” The donkey thought.

The next evening, the donkey went inside the house. He jumped on his master and began to lick him. The master did not lift the donkey. He took him to the shed.

Patting the donkey, the master said to him, “You are not like the dog. You are much bigger, so you cannot come inside the house.” The master further added, “You are also heavy and so you must not jump on me. I can lift the dog but I cannot lift you. But I love you as much as I love the dog. You must understand that you are different.”


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