Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Akash lives in a village. There is shortage of water in his village. The villagers decided to save each and every drop of water during the rainy season. They decided to implement this idea as soon as it starts raining. The news good published in the newspapers. Akash received a letter from his cousin Pooja in this regard. He gives a quick reply:

Village and post Bisara
Tehsil Sirathu
District Kaushambi

27th October, 2020

I am really happy to receive your letter regarding the ideas of water conservation. You are aware of the things happening around you. I appreciate your curiosity and concern for the natural resources. Keep it up! These qualities will definitely help you to grow as a responsible citizen. You have rightly guessed that I have attended the inaugural function of “Water Conservation Program” in my village.

The word conservation means to save something. It may be any natural resource like water, energy, soil, plants and animals. Conservation of water means conserving water in pounds, wells and in the fields to raise the level of ground water.

We are living in a challenging era. Ruthless cutting of trees and destruction of forests have resulted in scanty rainfall. This leads to the scarcity of water almost everywhere which is adversely affecting the cultivation of crops. How can we be happy with thirsty soli? If the field does not get plenty of water the production of food gets affected and the villagers start migrating towards cities. The cities get overcrowded resulting in air and water pollution.

The government has motivated all the sections of the society to come forward and save each and every drop of water. We are witness to the emptied and dried up rivers, ponds, wells and tube wells. We should not sit silently. Under the “Water Conservation Program” we are trying to harvest rainwater at different levels.

The farmers will be made to store water in their fields by building ‘Medh’ or ‘Bunds’ around their fields. Similarly, water bodies like wells and ponds will be deepend and cleaned. The old dams will be repaired and new dams will be constructed across the rivers so that we can conserve more water. What a wonderful scene it will be when our wells, ponds and rivers will be full of water and the children will be seen swimming in the ponds of their village. The tube wells will automatically get recharged and will continue to give us water throughout the year.

I would like to mention that the government along cannot do everything. Similarly, shouting slogans will not be of any help. Water is essential for everybody. So, everybody including us children should participate in the “Water Conservation Program”. I have seen all the people voluntarily coming forward and working hand in hand for this noble cause.

Hope you will be benefitted with what I have written in this letter. Do share it with your friends. Keep writing letters to get information on other burning topics also.

Please convey my regards to everybody in the family.

Your cousin


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