Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Sanjay was a student of class 7. He lived with his parents in the village, Shantipur. He had lost one of his legs in an accident. He always felt that everyone looked at his leg and laughed at the way he walked. So he always tried to avoid people.

(One morning when Sanjay did not get up, his mother woke him up.)
Mother : Wake up Sanjay! You are getting late.
Sanjay: Mother, I don’t want to go school.
Mother: Why Sanjay?
Sanjay: I feel neglected maa. My schoolmates don’t like my company.
Mother: My dear child, you are a strong boy. Don’t lose heart.
Sanjay: (half heartedly) Okay mother. I’ll go.

Sanjay walked slowly to the school. As he entered the school, he tottered and fell down. He noticed that the children were staring at him. Suddenly they burst into laughter. He felt miserable. He thought of his mother’s words. He kept his chin up and went to the class.

During the break he tried to talk to Amit who sat beside him. “Your watch is very nice Amit”, he said, nut Amit turned away towards Vipin. Amit pretended not to have heard him. Sanjay moved closer to Amit so that he could be heard easily.
Sanjay: Hay Amit, which is your favorite game? Do you like swimming?
Amit: (without looking at him) Yes, I like swimming.
Sanjay: I also like swimming.
(Suddenly everyone stoped talking and looked at him.)
Arun: (in disbelief) Do you know how to swim?
(All the student started laughing.)
Sanjay was very upset. When he reached home that day, at once his mother came to know that something went worng.
Mother: What happened son? Why are you so upset?
Sanjay: I will never go to school again. The students are not friendly with me. They don’t even share anything with me.
Mother: Don’t get upset son. Be friendly with them and very soon things will change.

The next morning, when Sanjay was going to school, he saw a girl drowning in the canal near the school. He immediately offered his crutch to the girl. She held it tightly. The flow of the water was rapid. But after trying hard, he could pull her to the bank. Sanjay was astonished when he saw the face of the girl he rescued. She was Amit’s sister, Rita. By then many people had gathered. Everyone was praising Sanjay.

The next day when he reached the school, the students were standing in a queue and were clapping for him. Every student wanted to talk and shake hands with him. Meanwhile, Amit came to him and said-
Amit: I am sorry; please forgive me for my misbehavior.
Sanjay: It’s okay. You are my friend. Don’t feel sorry.

In the morning assembly, the principle of the school called Sanjay onto the stage. Sanjay stepped forward confidently onto the stage to accept the ‘Bravery Award’ of the year from the principle. Now Sanjay is everyone’s favorite.


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