Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Kabir was a great poet and saint who lived in India hundreds of years ago. He preached people to love each other. He went from place to place singing songs in praise of God. Years passed by and Kabir grew older. By then he had thousands of followers.

Kabir’s songs and poems tell us that God is everywhere. His writing shows that he was a true saint. A few of his couplets are given here which show that he was a great thinker and a social reformer too.

Aisi bani boliye, man ka aapa khoye|
Auran ko sital kare, apahu sital hoye||

Kabir khada bazaar mein, sabki mange khair|
Na kahu se dosti, na kahu se bair||

Kabir taught everyone to love God. He always said, “Kabir is the child of Allah and Ram.” But people did not like this. They took him to the Emperor. The Emperor heard people’s complaint and ordered his soldiers, “Throw this man into the river.” The soldiers threw Kabir into the river. But he did not drown.

The next time they put him in a hut and set fire to it. The hut burnt down but Kabir was safe.

Finally, they threw him in front of a mad elephant. Instead of killing Kabir, the elephant ran away without harming him. On being defeated several times, the emperor set Kabir free.

When Kabir died his natural death, his followers quarreled among themselves. The Muslims wanted to bury his body and the Hindus wanted to burn his body.

Suddenly, the Hindus and the Muslims heard a voice from the sky. It was Kabir’s voice.
“Take the sheet off my body.”
When they removed the sheet, they did not find the body. In its place, there were some flowers. So the Muslims took one half of the flowers, while the Hindus took the other half.


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