Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Rubina lived with her parents in a village. Her father worked in a factory. She was studying in class 6. She always stood first in the class.

One day when her father returned home, he was feeling weak. He told his wife, “I am suffering from some serious disease, and the treatment of this disease is very expensive.” On hearing this, Rubina’s mother became very sad. Her father needed rest, so her mother started working in the factory in his place. Rubina stopped going to school as most of the time she had to stay at home to take care of her father. She was worried about her studies.

One day on their way to the factory, Rubina and her mother met her teacher. The teacher asked the reason for her absence from school. Rubina said, “I am not going to school because my father is very sick and unable to work.” Her mother had started working in the mill to support the family and she had to stay at home to do the household work.

The teacher said to her mother, “Your family must have been enrolled in ‘Rashtriya Swasthya Beema Yojna’. If so, your husband could be treated under this scheme without spending money.” The teacher also suggested that Rubina should join the girl’s boarding school. In the boarding school she would get free education, food and hostel facility.

Rubina’s mother followed the teacher’s advice due to which her husband got good and free treatment and soon he recovered on the other hand. In the boarding school, Rubina also completed her education without any hurdle. She excelled in her studies and got admission in a reputed medical college. She also got a scholarship to pursue her studies further.

After becoming a doctor she joined a local Primary Health Center. Later on, she opened a school for the children of village.

One day, Rubina along with her parents visited her teacher. They expressed their gratitude to the teacher. Rubina’s parents felt proud of their daughter.


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