Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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I love the sound of birds,
So early in the morn.
I like the sound of puppies,
Soon after they are born.

I love the smell of flowers,
And the taste of honey from bees.
I love the sound the wind makes,
When it’s blowing through the tree.

I love the way the sky looks,
On a bright and sunny day.
And even when it’s rainy,
I love the shades of the grey.

I love the smell of the ocean,
The sound of waves upon the sand.
I love the feel of sea shell and,
How they look in my hand.

And when the sun is gone, I love the
Moon that shines so bright.
I love the sounds of crickets and
Other creatures of the night.

So when I lay me down to sleep,
I think the lord above.
For all the things of nature and more,
All the things I love.


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