Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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Rachel’s uncle and aunt lived in Mysore. Rachel and her parents had gone to Mysore to spend their vacation with them.

They were all excited as they were going to visit the Brindavan garden. On the way, her aunt told them that about two million tourists visit the Brindavan garden every year.

Rachel said, “Aunt it’s going to be fun.” As they entered the garden, Rachel exclaimed, “Wow, what beautiful flowers and fountains are these! I must make a bouquet for myself.” The moment she tried to pluck one of the flowers, her aunt stopped her and said, “Don’t do that, we should not pluck flowers.”

After taking a round of the whole garden they sat down to have snacks. Aunt had brought popcorn, samosas, sandwiches and fruits for everyone. Rachel finished her snacks and threw her plate and glass under the bench. Her aunt politely asked her, “Do you throw the wastes under your study table or sofa at home too? Rachel it is our duty to keep our surroundings, public places like roads, parks, schools, hospitals, etc. clean. We should treat the whole country just like our home.” Rachel quickly understood and collected the wastes and threw them in a dustbin.

After having the snacks they moved towards the musical fountains, where they enjoyed the light and sound how. When they moved out they saw, an old man tripped and fell down. Her aunt ran and helped the old man, while the others were still thinking what could be done. The old man thanked her for her act of kindness.

On her way back, Rachel asked her aunt, “Did you know the old man, whom you helped?” Her aunt replied, “No Rachel, I did not, but I helped him because he was in trouble. We must always help people who in trouble. We should take care of the people around us, just like we take care of the members of our family. In this way we can become good and responsible citizens.”


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