Course: Class VII | Subject: English

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It was Sunday and the school was closed. Gayatri was very excited. She was going fishing in the sea with her father. Gayatri’s father was a fisherman. Every day he went out fishing to the sea. He had promised Gayatri that he would teach her fishing. She wanted to take up her father’s profession when she would grow up.

As Gayatri was tying her shoelaces, she heard news broadcast on radio. A cyclonic strom was expected to hit the village within the next twenty four hours. She knew that the cyclone would bring strong wind, heavy rains and high tides in the sea. It would topple the trees, damage the houses and cause flood. She rushed outside to warm her father. Both of them heard the loud clap of thunder. Big drops of rain started falling. They could see the waves of the sea rising higher and higher.

It was late in the evening. The cyclone had hit the area. It had been raining continuously. Flood water had already entered Gayatri’s house. She had placed all the small household items like food, articles, utensils, candles and matchboxes and other articles on beds, tables and chairs. By the morning a lot of water had entered the house.

After an uncomfortable night, Gayatri went to terrace and looked around. The entire area was submerged in water. Only a few houses could be seen. The little huts near her house could not be seen due to flood. The homeless people were sitting on tree stumps and at other places which were not submerged. Gayatri thought that she should do something. She swam towards the boat lying outside her house. She rowed powerfully towards the marooned people. She helped them board the boat and rowed to the town hall. There they were received by the district authorities. Then she returned home and requested her mother to give her some clothes, food, matchboxes and candles. She packed them in a waterproof bag and returned to the town hall. She handed over the materials to the supervisor of the temporary shelter who distributed them to the people. They felt warm and happy. Gayatri was happy too that she could do a little to help them. She had helped her neighbors in their hour of need.
In the hour of crisis most people ask for help
But courageous people render help to others.


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